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CoolSculpting Delivers!

Just wanted to say how pleased I was with the results I achieved after my CoolSculpting treatments. I started with my upper & lower belly, which have always been a problem for me that I could not conquer despite dieting & exercise. After CoolSculpting, I now feel more confident in wearing clothes I wouldn't wear before. I also had my arms treated to help get rid of those saggy "batwings" women tend to get as we age. I am much happier with how my arms look now and no longer ashamed to wear sleeveless tops. CoolSculpting Delivers!

Debby Carter

Personalized Treatment

Dr Kate is dedicated to setting up a personalized treatment plan for YOU, not her bottom line, not some sales quota, only what's best for YOU! She listens, she teaches, she HEALS!! That is why I drive all the way back from DC for all my laser and skin care needs!!  Also, I went to work WITHOUT cover up or base make up today! Yay!

Leah Stone

Happy Tears

Can't say enough great things about this practice or the wonderful women that work there!! I have never been treated with so much kindness, care, and concern...especially when discussing such a sensitive subject to me, the treatment needs of my skin. I love walking in the door and sharing some laughs and thanks to doctor Kate and Nicole, some occasional tears too-all HAPPY tears though :)
Love all you girls, see y'all soon!!!

Sarah Truman



Today I had the best facial I've ever had courtesy of Nicole. She is fabulous. She really made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I will tell everyone I know about the wonderful services offered. I'll see y'all in 3 weeks!!! Thank you so much!!!

Tiffany Templin


Even though I was active and involved in sports growing up, I was always a “chunky” kid and teenager. I gradually became less active and gained weight at a consistent rate after graduating high school. At 23, 5’11”, and 265 pounds, I decided to make a life change. For the next 2 years, I exercised seven days a week, 2 hours a day, and I lost 65 pounds. At 25, I joined CrossFit, and through this fitness program’s focus on strength and cardio, I’ve managed to keep off the weight and build muscle; however, I never managed to develop those nice “six pack of abs.” My remaining belly fat has been a point of contention for me, so when I heard about CoolSculpting, I was immediately interested. Dr. Kate, her team, and I have finished one session, and I cannot wait to complete the second session—I am excited to see the final results.

Alan Frye



I was so excited and pleased to learn that Southern Pines Aesthetics & Laser Institute offers the Reaction Skin Tightening and Lifting system.

I am very pleased with the results and especially pleased with the face that is a painless, non-invasive procedure.

Dr. Kate and her staff are skilled, professional and friendly.  Dr. Kate listens to your concerns and tailors a program to suit individuals need.

I recommend any of the services provided by Southern Pines Aesthetics & Laser Institute, especially the Reaction system.


Joyce Johnson




Laser Photorejuvination and Skin Tightening


Dear Dr. Kate:

Yes, I’m 60 years old – and marketing guru’s are correct, 60 is the new 40 – I am truly 40 years old in mind and spirit, BUT when I looked at the lines on my forehead and around my mouth on my birthday in January, I DID NOT see 40 years old!!! I tried cream after expensive cream, and being a woman unable to take hormones, I finally consulted with my very wise female OBGYN who said, “Go see Dr. Kate!”

I did make an appointment with you for my 60thbirthday gift to myself! Now 6 months later I look like the person I feel like. The laser treatments you and I decided on for my face and neck have really made a huge difference as my “before and after” pictures will testify too.

Laser is an alternative that should seriously be considered as we age and our face does not look as it did when we were 40 years old. I appreciate the wonderful option you gave me on my 60thbirthday and the options you continue to provide.




 Lapex Lipo Laser


Thank you Dr. Kate and staff. I am very pleased with the results from my Lapex Lipo Laser. I quit smoking a few years ago and very quickly gained 15 pounds of extra weight mostly around my stomach area. I began a moderate exercise routine and quickly increased my fitness level but could not lose the extra weight around my midsection. I lost 5 inches from my midsection after 10 treatments. I also have changed my diet and have continued my exercise routine. Again, I’m very pleased with the results and it has given me the encouragement to continue to eat right and exercise. The staff at Southern Pines Aesthetics and Laser Institute was very professional and treated me like family. I would recommend these treatments to anyone trying to lose inches around the midsection or any other hard to reduce areas.



"I received 4 Lapex treatments and was very pleased with the results. I would continue but due to other financial obligations and facial Rosacea I have chosen to receive the laser treatments to correct the Rosacea. I would highly recommend Lapex treatments to anyone trying to shrink those hard to get fatty areas. I noticed my belly getting flatter with each treatment."



My problem area has always been my stomach. So, along with moderate exercise but no big changes in my diet, I decided to give the new LipoLaser a try.

I have had six treatments. Although I have not taken any measurements I am today wearing a pair of my “someday shorts”. You know, the clothes you put away saying that someday I will lose weight and wear them again. That little change has made a difference in my life. My clothes fit better, I find myself paying more attention to my diet, and I am eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. That is certainly a plus I had not expected.

This is by no means a “magic bullet”. It is a change in lifestyle. Something I will always have to work at to maintain a healthier thinner me.

— Barbara —


Dear Dr Kate,
I would like to thank you and your staff for your wonderful pain free treatments with your noninvasive Lapex 2000 LipoLaser.
My thoughts, as to what extent I would have had to go through in order to correct my not so flat stomach, were surgery or an extensive exercise plan. But, with LaserLipo treatments, a modest healthy lifestyle, change in diet, and exercise; who would have thought it would be as easy as a total of 10 40 minute sessions twice a week. Lying down relaxing, attached to a machine would actually get rid of my belly fat. But I am proof of how successful the LaserLipo can be.

Thank you Dr. Kate, the staff and your Lapex 2000 LipoLaser.
— Collette Valentino —


My name is Frances Mabe and I am 57 years old.  I looked at my face and realized I desperately needed help.  I have had freckles since I =was a little girl.  I had just gotten some really large brown age spots and some red spots.  My husband gave me the laser facial package of 4 treatments for Christmas.  My first treatment turned out amazing.  My friends and family really noticed the difference.  It wasn’t painful to me and the results surprised even me.

Each treatment thereafter has just improved my skin amazingly.  I don’t think my skin was this good when I was 30!  I would recommend that anyone try this.  You won’t be disappointed!

— Frances Mabe —


I am an ordinary working mother of three grown children, with three pregnancies and large babies (over 9 lbs each), I was left with a very large fat belly and stretch marks.  I have tried all forms of diet and exercise and while I have toned up and feel better, I still have a large "pot belly."  I even lost over 45 lbs several years ago and still have a pudgy belly. I never really considered having a "tummy tuck "operation for several different reasons including cost, major surgery risks and having to take weeks off from work.  I had basically resigned myself to the fact that I always would have this problem area. 

Recently, I attended the Vital Signs symposium and came upon the display by the laser institute.  I was amazed, because pictured on a large display board were before and after pictures of "problem bellies."  I could not believe the difference.  I was then approached by Dr. Kate Shattenkirk, who had noticed my interest in the pictures. After talking with Dr. Kate for several minutes, I was very surprised and skeptical that lasers could give a better appearance to my problem area. Dr. Kate encouraged me to come in for a free consultation to discuss what options were available and what would be the best course of treatment for me.  Needless to say I did go for the free consult, still thinking that my belly would not be appropriate for laser treatment and my only option would be surgery. 

When I went in for my initial visit, I immediately felt very comfortable.  Dr. Kate herself came to the waiting area herself to call me back to the exam room.  While in the exam room, she took time getting to know me and my expectations, while at the same time, she told me about herself and her interest in laser treatments.  She did examine my belly and suggested several different options, including a new laser treatment by a machine called the Lapex 2000.  I really was interested in this particular type of therapy because it was non-invasive and appeared to be really safe.  Dr. Kate gave me the company's website to review so I could make a better informed choice.  After reviewing the website, I decided to give it a try, but I will admit I was still very skeptical.  I received a series of 5 treatments, and while my abdominal area is not perfect (pre baby days) it is definitely improved!!!!  I am very thrilled with my results.  My husband has definitely noticed a big difference and I have had several people ask me if I have lost weight.  Along with my shrinking belly, I have had the unexpected wonderful surprise of my stretch marks improving as well.  After a series of 5 treatments over a week and a half, I have lost a total of 5 ½ inches from my midsection!!!!

I am definitely pleased overall with everything about this new procedure, along with Dr. Kate and her staff.  She and her staff have been fantastic throughout this entire process.  I am so pleased with my appearance and with my experience with Dr. Kate and her office staff that I plan on getting several more treatments to my belly to improve it further. 

Thanks Dr. Kate and staff for a wonderful experience---it really exceeded my expectations!

— Jill —


I am so pleased with my results. With the 8 lipo laser treatments and dieting, I lost 8.6lbs and 10.25”. The lipo laser treatment is relaxing and the total body vibration exerciser is fun. Thanks to Dr. Kate’s support I look and feel better.

— Nancy Campbell —

Dear Dr. Kate-
Thank you for introducing me to the Lapex 2000. I found out how the treatments are quick, completely painless, and in fact very relaxing. I can direct the lipolaser to target my problem areas. It is amazing and it works!

— Veronica —



Acne Treatment


"I’ve had facial acne for the past 13 years since I was an early teen. I have used many different products to treat my condition, including over-the-counter products, those prescribed by a dermatologist, and professional quality products from department stores. Because of my sensitive skin and rosacea each product caused the equivalent of a chemical burn to my facial skin and left it feeling raw, painful and with a bright red color.

The acne laser treatments I received from Dr. Shattenkirk in combination with professional cleansing products, facials, and Vi Peel treatments from Brittany Hastings not only provided immediate and effective results but also did not irritate my sensitive skin. During and after each laser treatment, my skin did not feel raw or painful! My acne outbreaks as well as my rosacea flares have been significantly reduced. I still find it hard to believe that both my acne and rosacea have been treated and controlled without pain or discomfort. I am so excited about my face and the results I received from Dr. Shattenkirk’s expertise! My level of confidence has increased and I can now look in the mirror and smile because I can see me – not my acne."

- Jessica



Tattoo Removal


“I first came to Southern Pines Aesthetics to have Dr. Kate remove a tattoo on my upper arm. I had been to two other clinics over an hour away that charged me $300 per session with no results, excruciating pain, and long healing times. Upon my first visit to SPA, I instantly felt like I had stumbled upon the area’s best kept secret! Dr. Kate and her staff were extraordinarily professional and personable; I looked forward to each appointment because of the atmosphere, staff, and of course the results! After nine virtually painless and affordable treatments, my tattoo is gone.  The healing time between each session was minimal, in large part due to Dr. Kate’s remarkable skill in tattoo removal. I’m planning for some more cosmetic procedures in the future and I won’t go anywhere but Southern Pines Aesthetics. I recommend their services every chance I get. They are absolutely, hands down, the best at what they do. The military appreciation was an added bonus. Thanks so much, Dr. Kate!”

     Lacey Fachan     


In September of 2009, I decided to have a tattoo placed above my right ankle.  It was of medium size and I was pleased with the outcome.  However in the fall of 2010, I noticed some itching and redness around my tattoo, accompanied with some raised areas.  I went to my dermatologist and was told it was probably an allergy to the red dye and was given some creams- none of which worked.  After several more medications and doctor’s visits, the redness kept becoming larger and I actually had open wounds that drained within the tattoo.   Being a Nurse Practitioner, I was concerned about the chronic infection and the horrible appearance of my leg, since the infection completely obliterated the tattoo.   I started doing research on my own and read where some of the dyes used by tattoo artists contained nickel, and unfortunately I am highly allergic to this metal.  I told my dermatologist about this finding and she encouraged me to have the tattoo removed.

Knowing  of Dr. Kate’s excellent reputation, I made an appointment to see her and her concern, which had been lacking from my other medical providers, was uplifting and reassuring.  She immediately started the process of the removal and monitored my progress closely.  I have been extremely pleased with the results.    I highly recommend her for her competency,  professionalism and dedication .



Eczema Treatment


Without Dr. Shattenkirk, my life would be a lot more difficult.  My name is Chris Thomas.  I'm in my late twenties and for the most part, I would say, I've gotten through life happy without too many complications.  When I was in my mid-teens however, I did spot a complication that has stuck with me since.  I have excema.  I'm not really sure when it began because in the beginning it was hardly noticeable, but over a period of about a year I began noticing patches appear on my hands.  In small areas, over my knuckles and just underneath the tips of my fingertips, but the skin in these areas began to pale slightly.  I didn't really pay too much attention to it.  Then over the course of the next few years, not only did these small patches remain but also my skin became dryer.  Itching began as well.  On good days I'd feel nothiong but on bad days the itching and irritation would highly intensify.

I had no idea what any of this meant.  I’m a very stubborn person and never chose to have it looked at.  I just learned to live with it.  I thought to myself, “It’s no big deal.  Who cares?”  After college I went into broadcasting and currently work for Muirfield Broadcasting and WIOZ-FM radio.  As a DJ I have a very personable job.  Meeting and talking with people is an essential part of my daily work life.  I’ve met a wide array of many interesting people in my job…local businessmen and women, doctors, lawyers, politicians, even some celebrities.  As I grew older the eczema, which by the way was only on my hands, one of the most visible parts of my body, grew worse.  A lack of moisturizing on my part caused my hands to crack badly from time to time which was one of the most painful parts of having eczema.  I started to feel more aware of my hands as I met people in the station and out in the community.  I would reach out to shake their hands and though I never had anybody retract their hand from mine I always felt embarrassed by my hands.  I was starting to feel more and more bothered by this.  Some people even asked me about it but for some reason I was still too stubborn to do anything.  Maybe I thought it was too late to do anything.


I met Dr. Kate Shattenkirk one day when she came into the radio station for an interview.  Like most guests in the station I shook hands with her and she immediately asked me about my hands.  She explained she was a doctor and that this was an area of hers.  I never even knew I had eczema, Dr. Shattenkirk was the one who explained what it was to me.  I finally understood what I had and why my hands were irritated all the time.  Dr. Shattenkirk informed me that there were options to reduce this problem and that it wasn’t an issue I simply had to live with.


I began visiting Dr. Shattenkirk’s office to receive laser treatments for the eczema on my hands.  My hands had been cracked, dried, itching and irritated for quite a while.  Looking back I don’t know why I ever put up with it for so long.  I was very nervous about having laser treatments on my hands.  I heard the word laser and all I thought about was searing hot pain.  I’d never felt a laser on my skin before.  Coming into the office Dr. Shattenkirk’s office she couldn’t have been more helpful, answering any question I had.  We began the treatments and by the time the first visit was over, I wasn’t aware anything different had happened.  I didn’t even feel the laser.  I expected pain, but there was none.  Instead a tingling experience which was a pleasant surprise.  Dr. Shattenkirk finished treating both my hands in a matter of minutes…it was both quick and painless.  My eczema was quite bad and I needed a few more treatments.  All in all I received around eight treatments, all of which were as quick and painless as my first visit.  At first I wasn’t sure if I’d see a change, but once I did I was shocked.  The areas that had been pale on my hands for so long began to darken.  The itching completely stopped and my hands became smooth once again.  Dr. Shattenkirk told me how important moisturizing was, and so I did that as she treated my hands.  People I worked with and my family began complimenting my hands, as the difference was very noticeable.  I wasn’t as self-conscience about my hands when meeting people which was a very fantastic feeling.


After my last visit with Dr. Shattenkirk I worried that my hands might return to their previous state, but after all this time they have not.  My hands look and feel great.  Looking back I could kick myself for waiting to do anything about them, however I’m grateful that it was Dr. Shattenkirk who approached me as she was absolutely professional and did an amazing job of giving me my hands back.  What Dr. Shattenkirk gave me was priceless.  I will forever be in her debt.  Thank you for everything Dr. Shattenkirk.  Thanks to you I can be proud of my hands.


— Chris Thomas —



Psoriasis Treatment


My name is Anthony Callicutt “Charlie” I am 49 years old.  I have had psoriasis for 2 ½ years.  After an automobile accident resulting in a total hip replacement, severe psoriasis suddenly covered 75 % of my entire body.  After using multiple topical creams with no lasting results, I decided to consult Dr. Kate Shattenkirk.  After the first 2-3 treatments with the VBeam I was very skeptical, I really could only see improvement in the multiple small superficial lesions on my back.  Then suddenly a huge change took place, in my large lesion all over my body with the Yag Laser and a Psoriasis diet.  I saw instant results with no pain from the Yag treatments.  Inflammation reduced considerably and all my minor areas were gone.  Today after the 3rd treatment with the Yag I can wear shorts and no shirt and not be embarrassed.  I would recommend this laser procedure to any one with psoriasis.  Thanks to The laser institute, it has greatly changed my medical condition.

— Anthony “Charlie” Callicutt —

I am a 49 year old black male who has had numerous treatments for psoriasis over the past 17 years. I have tried all types of medications, topical and biologics. I have been using biologics (Raptiva) for 6 years. Raptiva was discontinued in 2009. Dr. Kate Shattenkirk from Southern Pines Aesthetics and Laser Institute was a guest speaker at one of the monthly psoriasis group meetings and briefed us on her laser treatment for psoriasis. On my first visit I noticed great improvement in my psoriasis. After 7 visits there has been a tremendous improvement overall. I am very pleased with the treatments from Dr. Kate Shattenkirk and will continue seeking her help.

Measurements of clearance, evaluation, and changes in skin including inflamed redness, skin thickness, and scaling:

Scalp- 90%               Hands- 87%              Left Leg- 85%
Face- 93%                Buttock- 85%             Right Elbow- 90%
Chest- 90%              Right Leg- 85%         Left Elbow- 93%
Back- 85%                Left Foot- 88%           Knee- 70%
Right Arm- 87%       Right Foot- 93%        Left Knee- 90%
Left Arm- 92%             

— Clifton W. Rives —



Hair Removal

Dear Dr. Kate,
Over two years ago, I was a 61 year old woman with long grey hair, wearing frumpy loose clothing. I seldom dressed up I had no self confidence.

One day you and I were talking and I mentioned I did not have hair on my face. You reached over and pulled at my mustache and said, “You don’t?”

This small exchange between us was the beginning of my journey back to a long forgotten world.

Within a month of facial hair removal and photo rejuvenation, I had a new modern hair style, the beginning of a new wardrobe and a new friend, the mirror. The difference in how I looked was obvious, but the way I felt about myself was extraordinary. That frumpy old woman was being transformed into who I am today.

I am so happy you recorded my progress in photographs. I would not believe the change, not only in my looks, but my attitude, self confidence and pride. I have a twinkle in my eyes now that was missing for many years; these past two years have been wonderful.

Just telling you thank you seems inadequate. Maybe this says it better. Dr. Kate, I may be 63 years old, but with your help, I am Hot!

— Jatana Gandy-Stewart —


Syringomas Treatment


For many years I had small clusters of growths under my eyes- of all places! – That I was very self conscious about. Some people would actually question me about them. I felt like I had warts on my face! Over the years, no one had ever been able to diagnose what they really were. When my toddler granddaughter touched them one day and asked me what they were, that did it for me! I came to Dr. Kate about having them removed by laser. Not only did she remove them by laser, she diagnosed them as syringomas.

My experience with Dr. Kate and The Laser Institute was a very good. She explained in detail what she would do with the laser treatment and what to expect before and afterwards. Surprisingly, the healing time was minimally and the cost was more reasonable than I had expected. Also, more than anything I am no longer self conscious!

— Linda B,  Rockingham —