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Body Contouring | Fat & Cellulite Reduction


CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, clinically proven procedure to selectively reduce fat layers in problem areas using a patented cooling technology. It is a safe procedure cleared by the FDA and CE marked in Europe that gently cools unwanted fat cells in the body to induce a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells. This reduces bulges in treated areas of the body without harming surrounding tissue.

LAPEX© 2000

The Lapex© 2000 LipoLaser is a safe, painless and completely non-invasive treatmentfor spot fat reduction by shrinking the fat cell.  It makes the cell leak out its fatty contents as your body naturally burns it off as fuel.  This treatment is affordable, but must be combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, exercise and stable weight.  Results are achieved from 4 – 12 treatments depending on the individual. Lapex© 2000 treats any area of the body, stubborn abdominal fat, double chin, love handles, back fat and more.  It also can smooth out post liposuction imperfections.

Laser Photo Rejuvenation


Wrinkles, sun damage, age spots and uneven pigmentation in the skin can be effectively improved by treatment with the GentleMAX Photo Rejuvenation.  This is a state-of-the-art procedure that allows Dr. Kate Shattenkirk to treat areas of affected skin with a high-powered light, renewing skin layers and rejuvenating the skin to a more youthful, healthy glow.

  •  This is a very popular treatment that can be done on any part of the body providing a long lasting, youthful appearance.
  •  Non-invasive with little downtime and fast results.
  • Treatments can be completed every 3 - 4 weeks and may be combined with chemical peels or other corrective treatments.

Laser Wrinkle Treatment


As we age, collagen in our skin loses its firmness and volume.  With laser skin tightening using the GentleMAX, collagen production is induced by activating the fibroblast cell to produce natural long lasting new collagen that contracts. The final effect of one treatment takes six months and the end result will last years, depending on your genetic makeup and how well you protect and care for your skin.

  • No downtime.
  • Non-invasive.
  • The number of treatments needed depends on the severity of wrinkles.

Skin Tightening


Reaction ™ by Viora is an innovative, gentle, and non-invasive device used to effectively
tighten the skin on the body and face, as well as contour the body. Reaction is an all-in-one device which can be used to treat cellulite, diminish the visibility of stretch marks, tighten lax skin on the face and body, even out skin texture, and reduce fat. Reaction™
by Viora can be used on all skin types and colors. Additionally, individuals who undergo
treatment do not require any down time and are able to return to their daily activities


Reaction ™ by Viora has a CORE™ (Channeling Optimized Radio Frequency
Energy) technology, which gives the technician the option of operating the RF
energy at three levels. This allows the depth of penetration to vary making treatment
customizable from skin tightening on delicate areas such as the face and neck, to
cellulite reduction on larger areas like the thighs, as well as achieving circumferential
reduction with fewer complications than traditional procedures.

Laser Permanent Hair Reduction

Permanent hair reduction is done by injuring the root of the hair follicle and shrinking it. This can be performed on any skin color or body part using the most effective laser available, Candela’s GentleMAX®. The average number of treatments required is usually five. White, grey and light blonde hair cannot be treated. There is minimal pain. Although rarely needed, numbing cream can be applied. Treatments can be provided every 3 – 6 weeks or as regrowth begins.

Laser Tattoo Removal


The Spectra™ tattoo removal laser can target a wide variety of ink colors, including but not limited to black, red, green, blue and orange.  This is accomplished by the laser beam breaking up the ink into small particles that are absorbed through your body’s immune system. The number of treatments required for optimal results depends on the size, location, depth and color of the tattoo. The treatments are repeated every 6 - 8 weeks until the removal is complete.

  • Quick and affordable treatments.
  • No scarring

Laser Acne Treatment


The Smoothbeam Laser effectively treats the causes of acne with lasting results.The laser suppresses overactive sebaceous gland production by shrinking the gland, killing the bacteria, and inducing the fibroblast cell to secrete long term collagen that fills in the acne scar’s uneven appearance.We employ a collaborative approach with the doctor and esthetician to plan the most effective treatment to maximize long term results.  Medical-grade skin care products uniquely target acne with effective results.Education and facial acne treatments are available with our expert esthetician.

Laser Vein Treatment: Spiderveins | Facial | Vessels | Hemangiomas | Birthmarks | Portwine Stains

Vascular lesions can be red or blue in color. We have two lasers that treat either color vessel with outstanding results. The lasers collapse the blood vessels and your body breaks them apart over 4-6 weeks using cells that take the bruise away.

  • Non-invasive with little downtime.


Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes facial redness that is estimated to affect over 16 million Americans.   Rosacea typically begins as redness on the central face across the cheeks, nose, or forehead, but can also less commonly affect the neck, chest, ears, and scalp.  Because of its red-faced, acne-like effects on personal appearance, it can cause significant psychological, social and occupational problems if left untreated.  Left untreated, rosacea tends to worsen over time. Rosacea signs and symptoms may flare upfor a period of weeks to months and then diminish before flaring up again. The most common Rosacea “triggers” are exercise, alcohol, heat, embarrassment, anger and stress.  Rosacea can be mistaken for acne, an allergic reaction or other skin problems. 

Candela’s VBeam Perfecta Laser is used to treat Rosacea.  The VBeam produces an intense but gentle burst of light into selectively targeted areas of the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue. Specific blood vessels in the dermis absorb the light. Most patients describe the treatment like a warm rubber band snap. Patients normally notice results within 2-4 weeks of the treatment.  Depending on the degree of the redness, patients may require multiply sessions.

Laser Psoriasis & Eczema Treatment

Patients have suffered with intense itching, burning, and scaling with these two very symptomatic and embarrassing chronic skin conditions. Traditional treatments can be costly and dangerous, now there is a safe alternative with the GentleMAX® Laser.  This treatment uses intense, focused doses of laser light to help control areas of mild to moderate psoriasis/eczema without harming healthy skinaround them.

  • Painless
  • Long term results

Laser Non Cancerous Mole Removal


The Smoothbeam laser can generate a beam of light which heats up the mole and destroys it. The heat energy generated by the laser is absorbed by the mole which results in fragmentation of the mole.  This treatment has minimal pain with no scarring or stitches and fast healing time.